Move Opencart Site From Localhost to Live Server

Hi everybody, today I come with another tips to move Opencart Site From Localhost to Live Server. I assume, you build a OpenCart site in your local server. Now you transfer your local OpenCartsite to live server. You would need to have a FTP program to connect your local system to live server and know how to use ftp, so you can connect your local system to live server, upload your content to the live site. For ftp you can use filezilla. It is a free software. Now I start the process.

Move Opencart Site step by step process is given below

Step 1: Export your OpenCart site database.
Now go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and select your OpenCart database. Next, click on the “Export” button from the menu bar.

In the Export Method option choose “Quick – display only the minimal options” and select format “SQL” and click on “Go” button. It will download your whole database. We need this file for later use.

Step 2: Uploading local OpenCart site to live server
Now open your ftp sotware (For me it is filezile), put your live site hostname, username and password and hit “Quickconnect”—this is for filezilla.

Now go to your live server root directory, for me it is “public_html”. It varies on server to server. So you have to know your root directory. Now left side of your filezilla you have to select your local OpenCart site and right side of your filezilla your live server root folder. Now select all files from left site of filezilla and right click on files and click upload.

It takes time so do not worry. Leave it, it will upload all files from local to live server.

Step 3: Create Mysql Database on Live Site
While your FTP client is uploading your OpenCart files, you can spend this time on importing your database to the live server. Log in to your cPanel dashboard and click on the MySQL databases icon which can be found in the databases section.

Now create a database(put any name here)

It will open an window, Click on “Go back”.
Step 4: Importing Opencart Database on Live Site
Go to your cPanel dashboard, scroll down to the databases section and click on phpMyAdmin.

This will take you to phpMyAdmin where you want to click on the database you created earlier. phpMyAdmin will show your new database with no tables. Click on the Import tab in the top menu. On the import page, click on choose file button and then select the database file you saved in step 1. Lastly, press the Go button at the bottom of the page. phpMyadmin will now import your Opencart database.

Step 5: Now database import is over. I assume your file transfer is over. Now open config.php from live site root folder.

Here all the url, path and database are written. Change all content according to your server/image given below. Here you have to know the “Home Directoy”. You can get this from you Cpanel left sidebar under “Stats”. Home directory like this /home/abhijit/.

After changing all data, save the file and update it in filezilla.

Now click “admin” folder and open config.php and change according to above image given below. After changing all data, save the file and update it in filezilla. Now you are done. That’s all, hopefully your live site will be up and running by now.

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