How to increase sales in eCommerce Site

Hello friends, welcome to my another blog post how to increase sales in eCommerce Site. Now a days online eCommerce store is all over the internet. Every body want to build online eCommerce store and sell their products to all over the world. In Future days it will increase. But do you know what should be the characteristic of your online store. Today I will point out some key features to increase sales in eCommerce Site. Follow the below points, it will surely boost up your sell.

increase sales in eCommerce Site

Tips to increase sales in eCommerce Website

1)Write good product description in details and use multiple product view(images) to display a product.

2)Add Product Review with rating system.

3)Track your web site customer with google anlytics. Analyses which products customer brought and promote them in home page.

4)Online support chat system.

5)Use One Page Checkout Process or minimize check out steps. More checkout steps decrease your sell.

6)Build your site seo.

7)Decrease page load time use catch and cdn.

8)Promote your sale products or offer products in home page.

9)Use deal of the day in home page

10)Use shop by price in home page.

11)Get a Higher Conversion Rate with Trust Logos.

12)Enhance your Site Security.

13)Connect to Google Shopping.

14)Enable SEO URLs.

15)Remove the duplicate home page.

16)Use your database of previous customers who have opted in and send them a coupon code.

17)Add a blog to your site (various extensions available) and post regularly.

18)Add social media buttons so people can like and share products easily.

19)Send a follow-up email to all customers asking them to complete a review.

20)Use 1 day shipping or this type of method

21)Satisfy Your Customers With A Toll-Free Number

22)Create social media account in Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest etc and promote your products.

Use the above tips to your eCommerce store and see the difference. If you find this article useful, do share it on Facebook and Google plus. If you have any questions regarding this article or share any things, feel free to ask or share via comment.

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