Steps to get google adsense account easily

Welcome friends, today I come here with some tips to get google adsense account easily. We go through many such complaints like “I am not getting Google AdSense Account”, “I have applied for a Google AdSense Account several times – still not getting it.” From their conversation what I can understand that might they have ignored a few small but important points without which Google is not going to provide the account. Let us discuss all these things now “what we usually ignore or miss when applying for a Google AdSense Account.

The way to get google adsense account easily.

To get a Google AdSense Account neither you need not to work hard nor apply any magic. Only things you have to do is just to follow systematic steps discussed below:

Always Use .com, .org, .net, .info domain

Many think it is possible to get Google AdSense Account using free domain. But, the fact is you have to use top-level domain to get AdSense Account fast. Previously, making a site at BlogSpot was good enough to get a AdSense Account which is not possible now-a-days. Use top-level domains with extensions like .com, .org, .net, .info.

Use WordPress as CMS

We know WordPress is most popular CMS in present times. It provides many available easy options to build a site without coding, even the structures to make it SEO friendly. You will get numerous plug-ins to decorate your site and the incomparable content management facilities. Your site must have to be SEO friendly – as a pre-condition to get an AdSense Account. Using WordPress may be a good solution.

Apply with a new G-mail Account

Use a new Google Account duly verified from your mobile number while applying for a Google AdSense Account. Always use a separate email account for AdSense Account. This will reduce the possibility of getting your important AdSense emails mixed up with other numerous emails available in your inbox.

Use Google Services

Use all possible services of Google for your Account and Website. The most important among these services is completing Google+ Account. Try to complete your Google+ Account 100% for the email through which you are applying for AdSense Account. This will make your email identity more trustworthy and relevant to Google.
Also make your site done with google Author Verification.
Apart from these, add Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytical Services to your site.
These activities will make your site and authorized site to Google.

Write more than 30 contents

Content is the life of a website. It is the source of income for the advertisers too. So if you want to avail Google AdSense Account without hazards apply with at least 30 articles each with minimum 500 words available on your site.

Make you site completely indexed in Google

We make a common mistake here. We apply for AdSense Account with 20 contents. It is a mistake because if your site is not registered in Google index, advertisers will not be interested to publish advertisement on your site. On a vice-versa, Google also will not feel any urge to provide you AdSense Account if advertisers are not interested working on your site.
The better sense is take 15-30 days, publish all your contents (at least 30 each with min 500 wors); take another 7-10 days to get all the pages registered in index. Now apply for the AdSense Account.

Don’t apply without at least minimum number of visitors

Traffic or visitors are the main source of income. It does not make any sense if you have a website enriched with excellent contents but no visitors. Neither Google nor the advertisers will feel any sort of interest with your site without visitors.
So, apply for AdSense Account only when you have at least 100 regular visitors to your site. Better if they will come from search engines, no problem even if they come from social media or referral. But don’t ignore the quality of traffic.

Do the On-page Optimization properly

Search engines like on-page optimization always. The reason is a website is considered to be SEO friendly only when it is on-page optimization is done correctly.
So always care for complete on-page optimization for your site.

Build some necessary pages

If you want to avail AdSense Account fast you must create Contact Us, About Us, Privacy and Policy pages. If you don’t have these pages on your site none will be able to have a contact with you or know something about you. If you don’t have any privacy and policy anybody can take a legal action against you anytime. So, to make these clauses secured enough, you must create these pages to get AdSense Account fast.

Don’t ignore SEO tactical factors

Create sitemap.xml, robots.txt files to strengthen the authority of your site. These files will help registering you fast in Google index and will control the search button. Make necessary internal links wherever required. Use Copyright-free images; keep the site neat-and-clean as much as possible. It is wise to use minimal colors for AdSense approval.

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