Increase subscribers list for your website

Hello friend, welcome to my blog post how to increase subscribers list for your blog. In today’s world if you want to increase your website visitors then it is necessary to create a huge email subscribers list. Because every person use email and they check it every time. A strong mailing list can give more traffic and increase conversions or sell product on your site. Read more

How to create Paypal pro sandbox account

Hello friends, welcome to my another post how to create PayPal pro sandbox account. Few months ago I created a PHP script how to integrate PayPal pro in php. Many people asked me, how they create PayPal pro sandbox account and test the script or they got some error like security header is not valid or this transaction cannot be processed due to an invalid merchant configuration etc. All error occurs because of PayPal pro account. If you set up your Paypal pro account correctly, you will never get this types of error. So please follow the below instructions to create Paypal pro sandbox account. Read more