Hello friends, today I will show you checkout payment gateway integration using PHP. Checkout is an international FinTech company dedicated to building the next generation of simple, secure and customisable payment products and services for small and large online merchants. Founded in 2010 and active in Europe and Asia, the Company has offices in London, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius. propertyfinder.ar, LesAchats.fr, GPP(GULF PHOTO PLUS) etc use checkout.com for their online business. Now come to my application, at first I create a form where user put their information. Then the form is submited to checkout.php where I send all the user information and marchant details using cURL to checkout payment process page. Checkout.com return a server output with some value to that page, then I send the server information with my secure key to checkout.com again for final payment. This is a very secure payment gataway. At first step it check that all the details given by any user and merchant are ok or not. Then in second step using secure key it varifies the transaction are real(sandbox, real). Now I build the application.

Step 1: Create the form for user where they put their info. I name it index.php

Step 2:After submit, it will go to checkout.php where I took all user data(I did not validate user info, but you do) and send user info and marchant info to checkout.com site.

If you put all info correct, it will show a page like below

Here you see two options, pay your payment or cancle payment. In you cancle payment here you will redirected to cancle.php and show a faliure message. If yoy put you card details and pay money and your card informations are correct, it will redirected to success.php page where you show a payment success message. In checkout.php page I create a table for store user payment information. If your payment process is success then I change your payment status to 1, if your payment process is unsuccess then your payment status to 0. In this way admin can track any user payment information.
Step 3: Status page create
cancle.php for cancle payment

return.php for successful payment

I also give a demo card information. Please download the application, you will find all necessary information. Please look at the below links for more information.
Wiki Username and Password URL: http://wikiapi.checkout.com (User ID: userAPI/Password: EGPpass77!*)
1. API: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=API_Integration
2. Gateway fields: http://wikiapi.egatepay.com/index.php?title=Gateway_Fields_%28Request_%29
3. Sample integration codes: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=Sample_Codes
4. Error-code: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=Error_code
5. Response-code: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=Response_code
6. Reporting API: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=Reporting_API
7. Test Cases: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=Test_non3d
8. Timeout Management: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=Timeout_management
9. Recurring API: http://wikiapi.checkout.com/index.php?title=Recurring_API

Now I think you learn checkout payment gateway integration using php.

checkout.com payment gateway integration using API in php
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