Steps to get google adsense account easily

get google adsense account easily

Welcome friends, today I come here with some tips to get google adsense account easily. We go through many such complaints like “I am not getting Google AdSense Account”, “I have applied for a Google AdSense Account several times – still not getting it.” From their conversation what I can understand that might they have ignored a few small but important points without which Google is not going to provide the account. Let us discuss all these things now “what we usually ignore or miss when applying for a Google AdSense Account.
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Move Opencart Site From Localhost to Live Server

move opencart site

Hi everybody, today I come with another tips to move Opencart Site From Localhost to Live Server. I assume, you build a OpenCart site in your local server. Now you transfer your local OpenCartsite to live server. You would need to have a FTP program to connect your local system to live server and know how to use ftp, so you can connect your local system to live server, upload your content to the live site. For ftp you can use filezilla. It is a free software. Now I start the process.
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Ajax contact form using captcha validation

ajax contact form

Hi, friends today I am teaching you how to send contact form with captcha using Ajax, jQuery and PHP. Contact form is very common application for every website. Here I build a quick contact form using ajax with all fields validation. I make it more secure using captcha. So there is no change for spamming. Lets build our application:
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Website status checker php script

website status checker php script

Hi friends, in my previous blog I show you how to create newsletter subscription using PHP, Ajax, jQuery. Today I will show you how to check any website current status or you can say website status checker php script. Using this small application you can check any website current status. In this application I use cURL. So before using this script please know how to use cURL. So now I start the application.
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Username availability checking using Ajax

username availability checking

Hi everybody, in my previous blog I show you how to create auto complete application in PHP using ajax and jQuery. Today I am talking about username availability checking and also email address availability checking using PHP, jQuery and Ajax. It is common application for every project. When a user want to register we have to check if username that the user is trying to use during registration process is already taken. Using Ajax, jQuery and PHP we can easily solve the problem. Lets start to build our application.
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